DE Relay


It´s the smallest 16A relay in the market! Nominal switching capacity 16A 250V AC. Size 25,0 x12,5x 12,5 (lxwxh). PIP/ THR type (pin in paste) --> reflowable. Applications: especially advantageously used in smart sockets & smart plugs for wall outlets through the low relay height.


  • Conforms to European safety standards (VDE0700 and VDE0631) Insulating distance between coil and contacts:
  • Clearance Min. 8mm .315 inch
  • Creepage distance Min. 8mm .315 inch
  • Extensive product line-up
  • Surge voltage between contact and coil 12 kV - Low operating power
  • Compact body saves space
  • UL/CSA, VDE approved


  • Temperature controller
  • Automatic meter reading
  • OA equipment
  • FA equipment