DW-H Relay


Nominal switching capacity 16A 277V AC. Contact arrangement: 1FormA. Size: 24x10x18,8 (lxwxh). EN60335-1 compliance. PIP (pin in paste) reflowable.


  • Inrush current 100A type available
  • IEC60335-1* compliant, PTI 325V (VDE approved) type available
  • Surge breakdown voltage (between contact and coil): 12,000 V
  • Breakdown voltage (between contact and coil): 5,000 V
  • Reflow possible (pin-in-paste)
  • Creepage distance and clearances between contact and coil: 6 mm .236 inch


  • Smart meters
  • Industrial equipment
  • Security equipment
  • Home appliances
  • Various power supplies
  • Lighting