DZ-S Relay


Future technologies such as electric vehicles and energy storage equipment are becoming increasingly demanding as far as smart meters are concerned. As a link between power suppliers and end users, smart meters are monitoring the energy distribution on both a local and a regional level. The new Panasonic DZ-S NO-contact relay takes over the role of the central switching element between the main power line and the in-house distributor.


  • Available as a latching version with one or two coils, no consume of any power after a short switch-on or switch-off pulse off.
  • Self-heating of the relay is lower
  • Power element of the control unit can be reduced in size
  • Temperature range of -40°C to + 85°C, the DZ-S relay also covers the entire installation range from cold rooms for storage to attics with sheet metal roofs
  • High breakdown voltage of 4kV between coil/contact
  • Surge breakdown voltage of 12kV