Power Inductor Metal Composite Type

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Panasonic - Power Inductor Metal Composite Type

Nowadays Automotive design requirements are becoming more and more demanding: “ECUs design have to fulfil more functionality in small size or package. In the meantime High Power, High Current, High Efficiency, low power consumption are required.”


  • Low DC-resistance, low AC-resistance
  • Approx. 40% reduction in volume; solutions for downsizing (30-50% less mounting space)
  • Current value: 4.0A – 35A depending on inductance value and size
  • Excellent heat and vibration resistance properties, suitable for high vibration up to 30G
  • Heat-resistance: 150ºC/2000h


  • Application Circuit:
  • Filter / Buck Converter / Boost converter-Circuit
  • Automotive Applications:
  • Engine ECU / Powertrain / EPS, etc.
  • Lighting System / ADAS module, etc.
  • Motor control, Pump control, etc.
  • Infotainment / Panel, etc.