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HE Y6 relay: High performance in a compact shape!

The HE power relay family gets even stronger– now with 90A rating. Switching high loads with power relays is easier than ever before: the new HE Y6 relay, has a considerably higher switching capacity of 90A / 277V AC while maintaining a small size.

New HES power relay – the multi-purpose solution New high-voltage relay for solar inverters, charging stations, elevator systems and other applications up to 35A / 277V AC.

Panasonic's HE Y6 relay family for AC applications with a switching current of up to 90A presents itself in the smallest size ever with dimensions as small as 38mm x 33mm x 38,8 mm (LxWxH). The relay has a switching capacity of 25kW. In addition, the power relays offer a holding power of lower than 300mW and a contact gap of 3mm. The HES relay with 2 form A contacts also features an internal feedback contact for contact monitoring (safety feature, marketing aspect).

The HEV relay completes the HE family. It has been designed to switch DC loads up to 1,000V 20A. The HE-V relay has 2 NO contacts with magnetic blowout for arc
suppression. The coil holding power can be reduced to 200mW.  


  • HE Y6 Relay:
    - Switching capacity of 90A/277V AC
    - Small size of only 38x33x38.8mm (LxWxH)
    - 1 Form A contact
    - Holding power 300mW
    - 3mm contact gap for reliable Isolation
    - Optimized price/performance Ratio

  • HE-S Relay:
    - 2 Form A contacts
    - Optionally available with monitoring contact 2a1b
    - High switching capacity: 35A / 277V AC
    - Compact size: 36 x 30 x 40mm
    - Low holding power of just 170mW
    - min. 3mm contact gap for reliable Isolation
    - Handles high DC loads
    - Simplified current path guiding on the circuit board



HE Relay: ◾Solar inverters as specified in VDE 0126
HE Y6 Relay: ◾PV inverters, charging station, battery storage systems, motors
HE-S Relay: ◾Solar inverters, charging stations, elevator systems and other applications up to 35A / 277V AC