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The new PA-N Relay is Panasonic's latest Power Relay for industrial applications.

The only 5mm wide electromechanical Power Relay fulfills the IEC (UL) standard effective since 1 April 2016 which requires reinforced insulation for programmable controllers (e.g. input and output units).

This way, a reinforced insulation between coil (SELV/PELV) and output circuit (AC power voltage) is ensured.


  • Clearance and creepage distance of at least 5.29 and 5.35mm
  • Surge breakdown voltage of 6kV (1.2/50µs)
  • Breakdown voltage of 3kV (AC 1 minute) between coil and load circuit
  • Fulfills the requirements for a reinforced insulation defined in IEC 61010-2-201 (overvoltage category 2, pollution degree 2, voltage level 250V, L-N)
  • Dimensions: 20 x 5 x 12.5mm (L x W x H)
  • Switching capacity from 5mW to 1.25kW
  • Typical contact resistance under 10mOhm (at 6V/1A)
  • Nominal operating power: 110mW
  • Temperature range from -40 to +120°C
  • Certification for being explosion-proof and non-flammable, respectively, in compliance with ANSI/ISA 12.12.01 certification
  • Certification of different loads acc UL (B300 AC, R300 DC) and switching capacity acc. data sheet for AC & DC loads with non-ohmic behaviour (Application: Contactor triggering, small lamp loads with inrush currents lower than 25A) Certification acc. TUEV (IEC 61010-2-201, IEC 61810-1) & UL (508) & CSA C22.2


  • Output relays for programmable controllers and temperature Controllers
  • Industrial equipment, office Equipment
  • Measuring devices and test Equipment