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The SFS family offers a wide variety of polarized relays with forcibly guided contacts. Negligible dissipation power, slim design, high switching current – numerous industrial applications repeatedly place the same demands on a relay - all of those are fulfilled by Panasonics SFS.

The SFS relay family with forcibly guided contacts complying with EN50205 (Type A) from Panasonic Electric Works fulfills many wishes of PC board design engineers: at just 13mm in width and 24mm in height, the relay boasts a nominal switching current of 6A at 230VAC/30VDC, and thanks to its polarized drive system, the coil dissipation power is very low. For the 4-pin version, which is 40mm in length and available with contact arrangements of 2a2b and 3a1b, the coil dissipation power is a mere 360mW. The 55mm long, 6-pin version's coil dissipation power is just 500mW; it is available with contact arrangements of 4a2b, 5a1b and 3a3b. Each type offers an optional, integrated status LED. An impressive, typical turn-on time of 8ms and highly functional shock resistance of at least 20g round off the technical parameters.
PC board and DIN-rail terminal sockets are available as accessories for all SFS relays.


◾Forcibly guide contact structure
◾Slim Profile
◾Built-in LED indication type available
◾High shock resistance
◾PC board sockets also available


◾Machine Tools
◾Safety PLCs
◾Circuits with stringent safety Standard requirements