Slim PCB power relay. Nominal switching capacity 6A 250V AC. Contact arrangement: 1FormA, 1FormC. Size: 28x5x12,5 (lxwh). Compliance to EN60335-1. RT3 (sealed type) socket available.


  • High density mounting with 5 mm .197 inch width
  • Satisfies reinforced insulation standard (EN/IEC 61810-1).
  • High switching capacity
  • 1 Form A and 1 Form C contact arrangements with options for a variety of applications.
  • 4,000 V high breakdown voltage and 6,000 V high surge breakdown voltage
  • Resistance to heat and fire; EN60335-1, clause 30 (GWT) approved
  • Sealed construction allows automatic washing
  • Complies with all safety standards
  • High insulation resistance: - Creepage distance between contact and coil terminal: Min. 8.0 mm - Clearance distance between contact and coil terminal: Min. 5.5 mm


  • Interface relays for programmable controllers
  • Output relays for measuring equipment, timers, counters and temperature controllers
  • Industrial equipment, office equipment
  • Household appliances for Europe
  • Home Appliances, HVAC, Power Supplies, Solar Inverters, Audio Visual,
    Industrial Equipment, Control Panels, PLCs and Interface Control,
    Vending Machines