PIR human detection motion sensor (EKMB, EKMC, AMN)



  • Amplifier and comparator circuit enclosed in a TO-5 can.
  • Super low current consumption
  • Excellent noise resistance (EKMB - series)
  • Miniaturized lenses because of small pyroelectric sensing elements
  • High Signal/Noise ratio to minimize false operation
  • Environment-friendliness with “Lead-free” element
  • Reliable detection, even under low temperature difference conditions
  • Accurate detection of small movements


  • Lighting: lamp, automatic switch, street lighting
  • Anti-crime devices: security camera, crime-prevention sensor
  • Home appliance: air conditioner, air purifier, fan heater
  • Commercial equipments: vending machine, copy machine
  • Audio and Visual devices: TV, PC, display
  • Wireless sensors in general