Smallest dimensions in Turquoise series. 12.8(L) x 6.5(W) x 6(H) mm. Solder terminal, PC board terminal, and wire leads. Actuators include pin plunger, hinge lever, simulated roller lever, and leaf lever.


  • Ultra-miniature size (12.8x6.5x6 mm)
  • Sealed construction for use in adverse environment - Sealed construction by epoxy resin and rubber cap greatly reduces possible miscontact due to contaminants such as dust. Conforming to IP67* of IEC protective construction classification
  • Elastomer double molding technology, an industry first and ultrasonic swaging technology contribute to uniform sealing in high production quantities
    UL/CSA approved (except the long stroke type of ABJ2 and the side wire leads type.)
  • Long stroke type is available
  • Leaf lever side wire leads type added. We now offer two types.
  • Based on the protective construction classification of IEC, items which satisfy the test requirements are denoted with an IP designation.


  • Industrial use video jack
  • Automotive (ex. Device for opening and shutting of automobile doors)
  • Home Appliances, Outdoor Power Equipment, Agricultural, Industrial Equipment