Cost effective ultra small vertical Signal Relay.Compact size for higher density mounting with 2A maximum switching current. Ag + Au clad and AgPd contacts available.


  • 2,000 V breakdown voltage between contact and coil
  • Outstanding surge resistance
  • Nominal operating power: High sensitivity of 140mW
  • High contact capacity: 2 A 30 V DC
  • Compact size
  • The use of gold-clad twin crossbar contacts ensures high contact reliability *We also offer a range of products with AgPd contacts suitable for use in low level load analog circuits (max. 10V DC 10 mA).
  • Outstanding vibration and shock resistance
  • Sealed construction allows automatic washing
  • A range of surface-mount types is also available


  • Communications (xDSL, Transmission)
  • Measurement
  • Security
  • Home appliances, and audio/visual equipment
  • Automotive equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • AC Control, Communications, Security, Measurement Equipment, Audio Visual Devices, Automotive