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Current measurement is a fundamental requirement in many automotive application.

Depending on the circuit application, current sensing could be needed in order to regulate an output voltage of DCDC converter, to regulate a motor current (high motor revolution-> high current-> high speed, low motor revolution-> less current-> less speed) or to detect a short circuit which will prevent the electronic system to get damage. Panasonic offers a wide range of Current Sensing Resistors in a variety of case sizes (0402 to 2526), and resistance values.

Metal plate technology (ERJM-series) could achieve lower resistance value(0.5mOhm-1Ohm) , high power rating, low temperature coefficient which makes them suitable for application where high current measurement accuracy is required. Double sided resistor technology (ERJxBW-series) & wide terminal technology (ERJA, ERJB-series) for high power purpose. Furthermore all Panasonic Current Sensing Resistors are automotive qualified AEC-Q200 and therefore are ideal solution for all different kind of automotive applications.


  • Wide range of resistance values starting from 0,5mR to 50mR
  • Case size: 0402 to 2526
  • AEC-Q200 qualified
  • Large operating temperature (-65ºC to 170ºC)
  • Linear temperature coefficient characteristics easy to compensate for metal plate shunt
  • TCR ppm rate from 20ºC to 120ºC
  • High power rating up to 5W for 2526 for metal plate technology
  • Shunt case size


This automotive qualified current sensing resistor series has been designed for applications that need small size accompanied with large power dissipation capability.