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Panasonic Electronic Components' detector switches are used to detect internal mechanical movements and convert those or human manual operations to electronic signals.

These switches are used for detecting the position or presence of objects, and are installed in many applications within automobile appliances. Panasonic provides a wide variety of detector switches with high reliability by original contact technology. The most outstanding features of this detector switch is its high reliability. Detector switches use a mechanical sliding spring design to ensure consistent signal output. They also have features that include long travel, thin profile, compact size, light weight, highly flexible actuation angles and surface mount.


◾Actuator type: angled toggle (detector)
◾Circuit: SPDT
◾Rating: 50µA 3VDC - 10mA 5VDC
◾Electrical life: 50.000 up to 1 million cycles
◾Operating force, torque: 0.35mNm
◾Poles and throws: 1 pole 2 throw (OFF at midpoint)
◾Voltage rating DC: 5V


◾Car CD player
◾Car air conditioner