Diodes DB Series – Middle Power Schottky Barrier Diodes


The NEW DB Series Schottky Barrier Diode (SBD) features a fine diffusion process through the adoption of a JBS (Junction Barrier Schottky) structure.

By utilising a JBS structure, Panasonic has achieved an industry leading SBD series with Low VF and Low IR. This results in a product that has a smaller footprint, without sacrificing performance. The NEW DB Series is an efficient, space-saving solution that offers thin and small packaging.


  • VR=20 to 60V/IF(AV)=1 to 5A
  • Thin and small package
  • High current & high surge current capability
  • Low VF (forward voltage) & low IR (reverse current)
  • Halogen free package, RoHS directive compliant
  • Save space of the set with thin and small package
  • Better efficiency


  • Meters/base stations/servers
  • Air conditioners/washing machines/microwave ovens
  • Printer/projectors/HDs/UPS
  • Batteries/DC-DC converter modules