ERJ series Current Sensing Shunt Resistors – Soft Termination


Current Sensing Resistors are designed for low resistance so as to minimise power consumption.

In order to meet the requirements of the market Panasonic offers a wide range of Current Sensing Resistors in many case sizes (0402 to 2512), many resistance values in different technologies. Double sided technology and special constructions make them suitable for the harsh environment while maintaining their high reliability. Furthermore, Panasonic Current Sensing Resistors correspond to AEC-Q200 and therefore are ideal solution for even automotive applications.

High power & Anti-surge chip resistor / Double sided type (0805 inch size)” are suitable for protecting ECU used in vehicles and inverter circuits of a variety of units against ESD, and will start mass production. With the increasing miniaturization of ECU and inverter circuits of a variety of units, chip resistors featuring excellent ESD properties with compact size and high power have been required for protecting against ESD.

Panasonic has succeeded in commercializing ERJC series “Anti-Sulfurated Thick Film Chip Resistor /Wide Terminal Type (2010 inch size)” featuring the lowest resistance value and the highest rated power in the market. Newly developed chip resistors are suitable for motor control of the industrial equipment and power management in communication equipment (base stations) under the sulfurized environment.


  • High Power in small case size (e.g. 0805/0.5W;2010/2W) by using wide terminal technology
  • Wide range of resistance values staring from 0.3mΩ, case size from 0402 to 2526
  • Large power dissipation capability
  • Soft Termination to reduce risk of solder joint cracking
  • Double-sided technology for high power ratings(1206/1W; 0402/0.25W)
  • Metal plate technology for low T.C.R., high power (5W), low ohmic (0,3mΩ)
  • All correspond to automotive requirements
  • Correspond to AEC-Q200


  • Over-current protection in audio applications
  • Voltage regulation modules
  • Battery packs and chargers
  • HDD
  • AC/DC and DC/DC converters
  • Switch mode power supply
  • Automotive
  • Power management
  • Motor current control