ETQP series Metal Composite Power Choke Coils


Panasonic Power Choke Coils ETQP series offer high heat resistance, excellent DC bias characteristic, Hi-BS With Ferrous alloy magnetic material and great reliability at high temperatures with a high tolerance for vibration.

These Power Choke Coils also have very low audible noise and are extremely efficient with low DCR and eddy current loss reduction. Metal composite core material, with distributed air-gap, and stamped frame coils on some series provide near linear Inductance vs Current and do not saturate, while also offering a cost effective design solution


  • Outstanding power efficiency with minimized power losses at high frequency (>100kHz)
  • 150°C / 2000h (ETQP*M)
  • High Bias Current Condition
  • Non Temperature impact on DC Bias characteristic
  • Suitable for high switching frequencies
  • Non-hard saturation characteristic
  • Up to 30G vibration resistance
  • Almost half AC resistance above 300kHz compared to ferrite core technology
  • Low profile (min. 1.2mm)
  • Corresponding to AEC-Q200


  • Embedded computer
  • DC-DC converter for navigation, instrumentation, entertainment systems etc
  • LED drivers
  • Automotive (Engine ECI, start-stop, airbag, ABS, instrument panel etc.)
  • Motor’s noise suppression