EVPAK Series Light Touch Switches


Panasonic Light Touch Switches are momentary with state of the art push-on switches to be used with a small current (rated 20mA and 15Vdc). They provide a unique sharp and clear click operational feel, have low contact resistance, small bouncing noise, high contact reliability and come in a wide selection of operating forces.

High precision processing technology and know-how enable this side operational switch series to guarantee water and dust proof IP67 rating. Vertically inserted metal dome provide good tactile feedback and offer less-FPC solution as cost saving. Low profile (3.8 x 1.9mm) contributes to your miniature device design.


  • External Dimensions: 3.9 mm x 2.05 mm (excluding the push plate), Height 1.6mm
  • Side-operational type
  • Measure against electro static discharge (ESD)
  • IP67 characteristic


  • Operation switches for portable electronic equipment
    • Mobile phone
    • Portable audio