POSCAP – Conductive Polymer Tantalum Solid Capacitor


POSCAP™ is a solid electrolytic chip capacitor. The anode is sintered tantalum and the cathode is a highly conductive polymer.

POSCAP™ has a low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) level and excellent performance for high frequency while maintaining a low profile and high capacitance. In addition, it has high reliability and high heat resistance.


  • Conductive solid polymer chip type
  • High capacitance in small size and low profile
  • Low ESR and ESL
  • High ripple current capability
  • Stable characteristics against DC bias and temperature range
  • Superior Safety compared MnO2 Tantalum Capacitor
  • High reliability and long life
  • Wide range of series and case sizes
  • Rated voltage: DC 2V – 35V (50V under development)
  • Capacitance range: 2.7μF – 1500μF
  • Temperature range: -55˚C – +125˚C
  • Case sizes 2012, 3216, 3528, 7343
  • Automotive grade available


  • PC, server, embedded, IPC
  • Automation
  • FPGA Power Delivery
  • Router, Switch, Base Station
  • Automotive telematics & infotainment
  • Meter
  • Prof. audio/video equipment
  • Motor, drives