SP-Cap – Conductive Polymer Aluminium Capacitors


Based on common aluminium electrolytic capacitor technology SP cap uses solid polymer electrolyte instead of liquid electrolyte.

It has been continuously developed since 1990 and offers very stable capacitance characteristics over the complete operating temperature and frequency range, especially compared to ceramic and low ESR tantalum capacitors. And in terms of safety SP Cap does not easily ignite or “smoke” at over-voltage conditions or in case of short circuit. If a defect occurs, the polymer will become self-insulating and shuts off the current flow.


  • Rated voltage: DC 2V – 25V
  • Capacitance range: 2.2μF – 560μF
    Various Series available e.g. low ESL type, low height
  • Super low ESR (down to 3mΩ)
  • High ripple current (up to 4A)
  • Stable characteristics at high frequency and temperature
  • High safety aspect


  • IPC, embedded
  • LCD Panel
  • FPGA applications
  • HDD
  • Optical, camera, video
  • POS Terminals, vending machine, ATM
  • Communication infrastructure, server
  • Measurement, sensor
  • Meter