ELL Series – SMD Power Choke Coils


Panasonic offers a selection of SMT Chip Choke Coils in different form factors and footprints for a variety of applications.

There are both magnetically shielded and non-shielded series. Panasonic SMT Chip Choke Coils are available with a wide variety of specifications, including, magnetically shielded, low profile, thin, low DC resistance, large current capability, and vibration resistant.


  • Wide range of inductance values up to 1mH
  • Low DCR and large current capability
  • Minimised case sizes available by adhesive shield technology starting from 2.5x2mm
  • RoHS compliant
  • Improved saturation characteristics by metal composite shield


  • Metering
  • DC-DC converter circuitry
  • Lighting market
  • Medical handheld market
  • All kinds of battery driven portable devices
  • Power conversion applications
  • Power supply
  • E-bike