LP Power Choke Coil & ZE Hybrid Capacitors

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Panasonic’s LP-Series power choke coils are highly power efficient, offer inductance stability over a broad temperature range, have low power losses and a low audible (buzz) noise. In addition, they offer vibration resistance under severe reliability conditions, high heat resistance up to 155degC and benefit from a low profile: 3mm and 4mm maximum height.

Panasonic new ZE-Series Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum SMD technology capacitors has high ripple current (up to 2.0A) and a low ESR value. The product operates over a very broad temperature range of -55°C to 145°C which translates to an outstanding life time (i.e. 16000h at 105°C).


  • LP-Series
    - inductance stability over a broad temperature range
    - low power losses
    - low audible (buzz) noise
    - vibration resistance under severe reliability conditions
    - heat resistance up to 155degC
    - low profile: 3mm and 4mm max. height
    - AEC-Q200 and RoHS compliant

  • ZE-Series
    - high ripple current (up to 2.0A)
    - low ESR
    - a long product life
    - operates over high temperatures (145°C case temperature at 2000h)
    - AEC-Q200 and RoHS compliant
    - Vibration Proof (up to 30G)


  • LP-Series:
    - noise filters for various drive circuitry requiring high temperature operation and peak current handling capability
    - Boost-Converters
    - Buck-Converters DC/DC

  • ZE-Series: 
    - broad spectrum of applications including input/output filtering in power converters and voltage regulators
    - power and battery decoupling and clock circuitry
    - automotive applications
    - servers
    - base stations 
    - industrial PCs
    - IoT and wireless designs