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Nowadays Automotive design requirements are becoming more and more demanding: “ECUs design have to fulfil more functionality in small size or package. In the meantime High Power, High Current, High Efficiency, low power consumption are required.” To meet the market demand, Panasonic have succeeded in commercializing a Metal Composite power inductor. Due to its Metal Composite structure, Panasonic power inductor could be designed in many circuit application like DC/DC converter and Filter achieving high current characteristics, Low power consumption, high vibration capability and most important Miniaturization.With this new Power Inductor Technology, Panasonic is able to cover the automotive market application demand from Interior (Infotainment system, etc) till Engine System(Powertrain, EPS, etc). In the latest High heat-and vibration-resistance are required.


  • Low DC-resistance, low AC-resistance
  • Approx. 40% reduction in volume; solutions for downsizing (30-50% less mounting space)
  • Current value: 4.0A – 35A depending on inductance value and size
  • Excellent heat and vibration resistance properties, suitable for high vibration up to 30G
  • Heat-resistance: 150ºC/2000h


Application Circuit:

  • Filter / Buck Converter / Boost converter-Circuit

Automotive Applications:

  • Engine ECU / Powertrain / EPS, etc.
  • Lighting System / ADAS module, etc.
  • Motor control, Pump control, etc.
  • Infotainment / Panel, etc.