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Use the new TW 50 high-current feed-through terminal block to feed up to 150 A through the panel of the device. With the new T-LOX lever-actuated spring terminal block technology, you can easily and safely connect conductors with cross sections of 16 mm² to 50 mm², using a conventional screwdriver.


  • Maximum convenience, thanks to fast connection technologies such as toggle lever connection and push-in spring connection
  • Increased safety thanks to fewer contact points and touch-proof conductor connections
  • More flexibility in device design, thanks to consistent connection solutions for panel feed-throughs
  • Optimized value creation, thanks to reduced component and installation costs
  • Fast device approval, thanks to connection components complying with the VDE/cUL Standard
  • More flexibility in device design, thanks to direct PCB connections for conductor cross sections of up to 95 mm²


  • Electric motor drives
  • Frequency Inverters
  • Energy storage Equipment
  • Frequency converters
  • Power supplies
  • Charging stations