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Over the years short-range wireless systems with low data-rate such as remote key entry and tire pressure monitoring have been successfully integrated and widely accepted by the automotive industry. An even larger market is emerging for meter reading, home convenience, security and access, RF ID tagging, and home entertainment. Key parameters of such systems are low production costs, small form factors, but also high durability and reliability if used under most extreme environmental conditions, for example automated meter reading. These requirements have to be met also by EPCOS’ SAW filters and resonators. Since many years EPCOS offers wide and narrow-band SAW filters as well as resonators in a 3x3mm ceramic package, which provides not only up to 64% reduction of board space compared to previous packages, but also significant cost reduction. This finally meets R&D engineers request to replace wide-band LC-combinations in receivers and transmitters with low-cost but frequency stable SAW filters and resonators. Designed initially for the automotive industry the SAW structure is protected by a patented passivation system and fulfills toughest qualification requirements such as the automotive “Blue Book“ AEC-Q200. The spectrum of these lead-free RoHS compliant SMD devices ranges from typically 315MHz, 345MHz, 433MHz, over the ISM bands 868MHz and 915MHz, up to GPS 1,575MHz. Many more types can be found in the SAW Device Selection Table under


• Package size 3.0 x 3.0 x 1.1 mm3

• Package code DCC6C

• RoHS compatible

• Approximate weight 0.037 g

• Package for Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

• Ni, gold-plated terminals

• Lead free soldering compatible with J - STD20C

• Passivation layer Elpas

• AEC-Q200 qualified component family

• Electrostactic Sensitive Device (ESD)


• Automotive

• Meter Reading

• Industrial RF

• Wireless Security & Access