Snaptac series - Miniature Snap Fit Connectors

Smiths Interconnect

Smiths Interconnect SnapTac® miniature circular connectors for high-speed data, audio and video transmissions are particularly suitable for demanding and critical applications.


Lightweight, reliable and robust, SnapTac® circular series equipped with Hyperspring® spring loaded contacts is available in 7, 13, 19 way configurations and offers improved functionality and performance in extreme environments by increasing the number of features, hardware coding options, termination styles and protection measures. Hyperspring® contacts combine the high-reliability of the hyperboloid contact technology with the mechanical features of a spring-loaded contact, to produce interconnections with improved signal integrity, high reliability and current density, and proven parametric stability over time. This distinctive combination enables the spring loading characteristic to be determined separately from the electrical characteristics thus optimizing the mechanical, electrical and environmental performance.
The SnapTac© connector system is available also in the rectangular 12, 21, 30 way versions and designed to protect the electrical interface against extreme environmental conditions such as:
Dirt, sand and moisture ingress
Extreme temperature changes
Radio Frequency Interference
Water submersion


  • Lightweight, robust, quick release, miniature connector
  • IP67 sealing, EMI shielding
  • Equipped with Hyperspring contacts
  • Designed to protect the electrical interface against extreme environmental conditions