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SUNBANK products defi ne the standard for highly reliable, environment resisting, electrically passive components. We offer a full range of backshells and caps in different materials and platings.


• 3 coupling options
Two self-locking technologies were developed: a detented system and the Sunbank Self-seating mechanism that exceeds the vibration requirements. A free rotatable coupling is also available.

• Different materials
Backshells qualified for Aluminum, Stainless steel or Composite material. Many plating proposed.

• Accessories
Sunbank offers M85049/127 qualified bushing strips as well as M85049/93 shield support rings.

Sunbank is qualified for many EMI/RFI designs: Banding and crimping platforms for overall shielding, dual EMI ring for overall and individual shielding

• Compatible with the main circular connector standards
Backshells can be ordered with various interfaces depending on the connector used. Both American and European standards are covered, such as D38999, M26482, EN2997, EN3645, M5015, etc…

• Lightweight
The bodies are specifically designed to optimize weight and robustness. New composite versions are up to 27% lighter than aluminum versions. Also, the Self-seating locking option offers lighter weight and lower profile backshell than a detented system.

• Environmental
Wide range of backshells that provide environmental sealing. It withstands most severe shock, vibration, cable pullout and external bending moment


• Multi configurations: Straight, 45°, 90°

• Plating: Nickel, Cadmium, Black anodized, Passivate (for stainless steel only)

• Temperature range:       

    o Electroless Nickel: -65 to +200°C       

    o Passivate: -65 to +200°C       

    o Other platings: -65 to +175°C

• Shell conductivity:     

    o Aluminum: R < 2.5 mΩ    

    o Composite: R < 2.5 mΩ     

    o Stainless steel: R < 5 mΩ

• Marking in accordance with MIL-STD-1285

• Salt spray resistance: 

     - Aluminum shell:     

        o Electroless Nickel : 96 hours     

        o Black anodize: 500 hours     

        o Cadmium: 1000 hours       

    - Stainless steel shell:     

        o Passivate: 1000 hours   

    - Composite shell:     

        o Electroless Nickel: 2000 hours     

        o Cadmium: 2000 hours