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As the networks in cars become increasingly complex with sensors, actuators and control units for advanced assistant systems and data connectivity, they must be properly protected against both ESD and EMI. At the same time, more and more electronic subsystems are directly connected to the vehicle power circuit and therefore exposed to overvoltage transients along the battery lines.

The EPCOS CTVS® Automotive E Series features components both for reliable ESD protection as well as transient protection in automotive battery lines. The series is qualified based on AEC-Q200. The rugged design and innovative glass coating of the components ensure reliable operation up to 150°C and sets a new benchmark for robustness and performance in automotive applications.



  • Transient protection acc. to ISO 7637-2 and 16750-2
  • Reliable ESD protection acc. to IEC 61000-4-2, level 4
  • Qualified based on AEC-Q200
  • Low capacitance and defined capacitance types available
  • Array types with matched capacitance available
  • High energy handling capability
  • Very low leakage current
  • No derating up to +150°C
  • Short response time of < 0.5ns
  • Available in EIA case sizes 0402 to 2220
  • Operating voltage ranges of 14V to 40V


  • High-energy transient protection in 12V battery lines
  • Automotive bus systems and data lines
  • Electronic control units
  • LED systems and drivers
  • Battery chargers and battery management
  • Electronic power steering (EPS)
  • ESP/ABS and chassis control units
  • Infotainment systems
  • Diagnostic lines