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TDK develops, manufactures and markets electronic components, modules and systems, focusing on fast-growing leading-edge technology markets, which include information and communications technology, automotive electronics, industrial electronics and consumer electronics.

TDK offers the world's biggest selection of EPCOS EMC components. It covers 2-line, 3-line and 4-line filters as well as feedthrough filters and capacitors, output filters and output reactors. The filters are suitable for all kind of power supplies, frequency converters for drives and traction, and converters for solar and wind power systems. Also available are special products with extremely low leakage currents for medical applications.



1-line filter:

  • Feedthrough components up to 500A

IEC Inlet:

  • Current: 1 to 20A 
  • Highest temperature stability
  • Designed for rated current without derating
  • Optional: medical version with low leakage current Versions with fuse and fuse plus switch
  • Various termination styles UL/cUL/ENEC approved

2-line filters:

  • Current: up to 1600A Different insertion loss and terminal styles
  • Highest performance by optimized design
  • Optional: medical version with low leakage current 
  • UL/cUL/ENEC approved

3-line/4-line filters:

  • Current: up to 2500A (3 line) up to 600A (4 line) 
  • Different families for converters and power electronics 
  • Compact design, high performance
  • Low leakage current types available 
  • UL/cUL/ENEC approved 

Laminated choke based products:

  • Line Reactors, Output Chokes and Output Filters 
  • Broad range of standard products 
  • Customized solutions on request 
  • dv/dt choke, dv/dt filters 
  • Sine-wave filters 
  • SineFormer® (EMC sine-wave filter, no need for shielded cables) 

Filters for shielded rooms

  • Up to 2000A



  • Medical devices (CT scanners, x-ray, etc.)
  • Mobile phone base stations
  • Power supplies
  • Industrial automation (Frequency converters or devices which incorporate frequency converters, e.g. machine tools)
  • Solar inverters
  • Uninterruptable power supplies
  • Shielded rooms
  • Traction applications