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With this overview, we are presenting a wide variety of NTC elements. The standard families have been qualified acc. to automotive standard AEC Q200. The NTC families covers chip NTC S860 with resistance values R(25°C) between 5k Ohm up to 100k Ohm and a chip geometry from 0,45 up to 1,70mm. Lead NTC incorporate glass encapsulated NTC for temperatures between -55°C up to 300°C and resistance values R(25°C) from 2k Ohm up to 230k Ohm and offer for design G1540 a extremely short response time. Glass encapsulated NTC elements are optional insulated.

For temperatures up to 155°C, Epoxy coated Minisensors or leaded NTC with lead spacing (Epoxy or lacquer coated up to 125°C) are available. Minisensors are indicated by bendable wires (stranded wire on request), resistance values R(25°C) between 2k Ohm and 100k Ohm, short response time and have versions with insulated lead wires.

Leaded NTC with lead spacing are available in a wide range of resistance R(25°C) of 1k Ohm up to 470k Ohm, are cost effective solutions for many industrial segments and are suited for taping for automated mounting.


  • Type families qualified acc. to AEC Q200
  • Robust design with epoxy or glass encapsulation
  • NTC families with standard lead spacing design
  • NTC minisensor
  • NTC with flexible wires
  • Wide variety of resistance values R(25°C)
  • NTC families with insulated wires
  • Glass encapsulation for temperatures up to 300°C


  • Automotive applications (cooling water, intake air, motor management)
  • Household appliances (cooling, washing, small appliances)
  • Industry (IGBT protection, industry general)