TE Connectivity - RJ45/Fiber Optic Push Pull Variant 14 Metal Shell Connector

TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity RJ45

The new Industrial RJ45/Fiber Optics LC-Type push pull variant 14 metal shell connector is equipped with a robust termination technology that allows a timesaving and flexible field Installation without any special tool.


  • IEC Standardized Interface
  • Wide range pinch ring seal covers 4.8 - 8.0mm cable outside diameter
  • Flexible solution for all industrial/customized connector interfaces by using a provided adapter
  • Pre-assembled connector housings
  • Equipped with RJ45 4/8 position or Fiber Optic LC Type
  • Reliability and cost savings with durable and long lifetime connector
  • High grade IP shielding and temperature resistance make it suitable for harsh and outdoor environments
  • Supports fiber optics or RJ45
  • Quick and easy connect and disconnect
  • Also available as plastic version


  • Automotive production
  • Welding machines
  • Machinery
  • Motors/Motor controls
  • Robotics