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M12 connectors have been developed specifically for heavy industrial applications. These applications are characterized by shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures. In addition they must meet the high specifications of industrial fire and smoke hazard requirements. In the railway industry, M12 connectors ensure high rates of data transmission to support sensor-based monitoring equipment, signaling and on-board control and communications. TE Connectivity's (TE) M12 Rail connectors are characterised by reliable 360 degree shielded solutions, crimp termination, jacket crimping and compact outer dimensions. Even in extremely rough industrial environments these quality products ensure a safe signal transfer. TE's M12 Rail series is combined of various different ranges to meet all of your solutions.


  • M12 can operate between -20 degrees Celcius (-30 degrees Celcius with boot) and +85 degrees Celcius
  • Shielded for 360 degrees protection from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI)
  • The connectors design locks it against rotation as it features a flange contour that holds it in place
  • The connectors are compatible with Cat5A and Cat6 cable types.
  • Available in plastic or metal body variants.
  • The M12 can be installed quickly to ensure minimum downtime and ensure reliable connectivity in harsh rail environments.
  • Supplied in a pre-assembled format for ease of installation on-site


  • Audio-visual communication
  • Passenger information
  • Video surveillance
  • Passenger entertainment and WiFi
  • Passenger information displays
  • Ticket machines