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This innovative connector allows for decentralized automation and can lead to a more efficient, energy-saving industrial production line. The MOTORMAN hybrid connector eliminates the need for multiple cables and connectors by offering a solution that integrates signal and power transmission with two high-speed Ethernet communication sockets offering the full benefits of real-time automation control, while reducing cabling complexity.


  • Compact design allows for efficient use of space 
  • Satisfy power, signal and communication needs in one compact connector
  • Robust contact system to help minimize effects of impact and vibration
  • Spacious, side internal access assists easy and safe configuration 
  • Sealing element covers cable diameters from 13 to 17mm (IP65)
  • Contacts may be mounted selectively allowing for design flexibility


  • I/O connector for decentral servo motors
  • I/O connector for AC servo motors 
  • Drivers (amplifiers)
  • Industrial packaging, assembly, woodworking or food processing machines