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TT Electronics Low Resistance Metal Alloy LRMA series has been extended to offer over 40 new combinations of footprint size and ohmic value.
This represents an increase of nearly 50% in the options available to designers, affording much greater flexibility in the design of current sense functions in their PSU, battery management and motor control applications.


LRMA uses metal element technology. Unlike film chip resistors, which may be made in any value by means of standard process adjustments, each value of a metal element chip requires a degree of individual development.
Customer demand for specific values drives this process, and the results are now available to all designers.
The 3W rated LRMAP2512 has the largest number of new additions, and now offers 48 values from 500uOhm to 300mOhm. There are 12 new values across the three sizes of LRMAM, which offers a low thermal EMF resistance alloy element. This solves the problem of thermoelectric errors which can occur in DC circuits with extremely low sense voltages. And a new inverse footprint is available in the 0612 size of LRMAN.


  • 9 chip sizes with AEC-Q200 qualification
  • 0.5 to 3W rating and 500µΩ to 0.3Ω
  • High surge tolerance and low TCR


  • PSU
  • Battery management
  • Motor control applications