HA72T High Power & Performance Molded Inductor

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HA72T is a high power, high performance molded surface mount inductor series for use in a range of applications with substantial harsh environment capability. This series is rated operational from from -55°C to +180°C. It is AEC-Q200 Grade 0 certified and produced in a ISO/TS16949 approved factory.

As electronic equipment becomes smaller, lower voltage dc-dc power supplies are becoming more popular. This has increased the demand for higher frequency, higher current magnetic inductors. Unfortunately, traditional inductor technology has been unable to match these requirements for higher frequency, smaller size and current handling performance. To fill this void, a new technology known as processed molded power inductors has emerged offering better high current and high frequency performance than conventional wound inductors. Molded power inductors are finding use in a wide range of applications. They are being designed into voltage regulator modules, as well as automotive and industrial power applications. When compared with traditional wound inductors, molded power inductors can offer lower cost and smaller size, which results in improvements in electrical and thermal parameters such as AC resistance, DCR tolerance, core losses and heat dissipation. The integral self leaded surface mount construction of a molded inductor eliminates the uncertainties of additional solder connection from the winding to pin termination, and its intrinsic shielding makes it an ideal choice for space constrained equipment. The high operating temperature of +180°C and high temperature stability, make it an ideal component in engine compartments for automotive application.


◾High temperature application up to +180°C
◾High power, high current application
◾Excellent filtering performance
◾Space saving, compact size
◾For switching frequencies up to 3MHz


◾High power density applications
◾Applications requiring small sizes and mechanical robustness
◾Transmission and Engine Control
◾EMI PI Filter - Automotive
◾Energy storage in - DC-DC converter
◾Engine compartment - Automotive
◾Up to 3MHz High frequency switching - DC-DC Converter