eSMP® Series Rectifiers


Small & Low-Profile Solutions to Replace Larger Packages

SlimSMA™ and SMPD for Rectifiers and Transient Voltage Suppressors

These devices offer high current density in a very low-profile package and are ideal as secondary rectifiers in miniature SMPS, adaptors, and chargers and for polarity protection in consumer electronics.


  • Very low profile surface-mount package DO-221AC (SlimSMA) with typical height of 0.95 mm
  • Very low profile SMPD surface-mount package with typical height of 1.7 mm
  • PPPM: 600 W at 10/1000 µs for SMA6F TVS in SlimSMA
  • Provides stand-off voltage VWM = 5 V to 20 V option for SMA6F TVS in SlimSMA
  • TJ max of 175 °C for SMA6F TVS and SE2(3)0AFJ standard rectifiers in SlimSMA
  • Low forward voltage drop down to 0.42 V (typical) at 15 A, 125 °C for V30DL50C, 50 V TMBS® in SMPD
  • Low forward voltage drop down to 0.37 V (typical) at 3 A for VSSAF3L45 and VSSAF5L45, 45 V TMBS® in SlimSMA
  • ESD capability for SE20AFJ and SE30AFJ, 600 V standard rectifiers in SlimSMA


  • Consumer
  • Computer
  • Industrial
  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive