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Vishay MCB and Vishay Sfernice are the partners of choice for position sensing in the aerospace, defense and space markets. Thanks to experience acquired in these markets and its involvement in major programs, Vishay MCB has developed a unique know-how to customize its potentiometer technology and its magnetic absolute encoders to meet the cutting-edge technology requirements for harsh environments.

The Vishay MCB RAMK Serie (Rotational AbsoluteMagnetic Kit) has increased accuracy compared to the conventional technologies. Its performance and long-term reliability is superior thanks to its insensitivity to humidity, vibration and shock.


  • Plug & Play with other technologies
  • Not sensitive to external magnetic field, temperature, moisture and pollution
  • Reinforced version for defense applications (EMC and ESD protections)
    • A large range from 27 mm to 90 mm
    • Compliant with MIL-STD-461F



  • Gimball
  • Actuator for flight control / landing gear
  • Optronic device
  • Side stick Unit
  • Missile angle attack device