SiHP065N60E – Fourth Generation E Series 650V MOSFET

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Vishay's latest superjunction fourth generation E-Series Mosfets with leading silicon technology offers a high performance in PFC and hard switching topologies design.  SiHP065N60E sets new standard above closest competing devices, with the lowest Rds(on) * Qg FOM in the industry. With comparable switching times, but lower switching energy loss the SiHP065N60E TO220 also outperforms original SiHG47N60E TO247 with higher efficiency across total load range and 0.5% efficiency improvement at full load. Tj is lower by 5 ~ 6 oC, even though in a smaller TO-220 package than the SIGH47N60E TO-247. Total gate charge and discharge times are also shorter for superjunction 4th generation technology. Vishay offers a complete superjunction portfolio 500V, 600V, 650V and 800V devices. Simplified product lines of E Series MOSFETs and EF Series Fast Body Diode MOSFETs in a broad range of package selections with through-hole and surface-mount TO-xxx packages and high performance PowerPAK® SMT packages.


  • Fourth generation superjunction E series technology 
  • Low figure-of-merit (FOM) Ron x Qg 
  • Low effective capacitance (Co(er))
  • Reduced switching and conduction losses 
  • Avalanche energy rated (UIS) 
  • MOSFET structure designed for reduced gate charge and gate drive related switching losses
  • Industry low Rds(on) * Qg figure of merit of 2.8ΩnC


  • Switch mode power supplies (SMPS) 
  • Power factor correction power supplies (PFC) 
  • Server and telecom power supplies 
  • Lighting - High-intensity discharge (HID) 
  • Lighting - Fluorescent ballast lighting 
  • Industrial - Welding - Motor drives - Battery chargers - Solar (PV inverters)