T58 Polymer MICROTAN® Capacitors


Pack More Cap into Your Design – T58 Polymer MICROTAN®Capacitors Have the Industry's Highest Capacitance Density.


  • Industry-highest capacitance density: up to 47 µF, 6.3 V for 0603 case size
  • 10 % increase in volumetric efficiency over facedown or undertab packages allows for higher capacitance density
  • Smallest and lowest profile polymer tantalum capacitor in the industry; 0.9 mm height (max) (0805 case size)
  • Best-in-class ESR with 200 mΩ (0603 case size)


  • Power conversion and distribution, decoupling, and filtering in space-constrained applications including smartphones, tablets, eReaders, ultra-thin laptops, wearable technology including smart watches, POS systems, personal GPS
  • Audio and instrumentation amplifiers
  • Industrial PCs and controls
  • Home automation
  • RF amplifiers