UFPMA, UFPMC - Displacement Sensor, Ultra Flat


The UFPMA/UFPMC Series are flexible potentiometer membranes and represent a new generation of linear or angular position measurement.

Initially developed for MAS applications, these ultra thin components have a very high integration capacity when the dimension stress is a key parameter, like the industrial actuators for example.
Its IP68 level allows it to resist to harsh environments by guarantying a good repeatability of the signal and may simplify the design of some applications requiring protection from dust and water .
On request, Vishay MCB is able to customize the standard version on some electrical and mechanical features.


  • Sealed
  • Infinite resolution
  • High integration capacity
  • Durability

Ultra Flat Membrane Potentiometer

Model Electrical StrokeL High Accuracy (Linearility) Voltage Output Signal Operating Life (Cycles) Temperature Range (°C) Dimensions (mm)


From 15 to 250mm

± 2% or ± 1%

Up to 25V

Analog Radiometric (1% to 98% of Vsupply)

15M and more in function of wiper

-30°C to +80°C

Working electrical travel +25mm, width: standard 13.5mm (others on request)


Up to 345°


Up to 25V

Analog ratiometric (1% to 98% of Vsupply)

15M and more in function of wiper

-30°C to +80°C

External diameter minimum 30mm, bigger on request


  • MAS: Electrical actuators for aircraft seats, position sensing for space applications
  • Off-road : mast position, steering control
  • Industry: actuators requiring linear positioning, telecom antennas and medical devices