WSBM8518 Power Metal Strip® Battery Shunt Resistor

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Power Metal Strip® battery shunt resistor featuring a molded enclosure with a 4-pin connector. Providing easy PCB connection to the shunt resistor assembly, the WSBM8518 allows design engineer to focus on circuit development instead of PCB connection issues.

Using proprietary processing techniques, the WSBM8518 combines a high 36W power capability in the 8518 package size with extremely low resistance of 100µΩ. This provides increased accuracy in battery shunt applications for gas, diesel, hybrid, and electric cars and trucks, as well as electric forklifts, utility trucks, and other heavy industrial applications.

With a tolerance of 5.0%, the new resistor provides more accurate data to determine battery charge and discharge, thus helping designers meet specific customer battery management requirements. Its molded enclosure simplifies designs to reduce overall solution costs.

The WSBM8518 features an all-welded construction that allows operation with continuous currents as high as 600A. The resistor offers low inductance values of < 5nH and a low thermal EMF of < 3µV/°C. The device is lead (Pb)-free and RoHS-compliant.


  • High power to resistor size Ratio
  • Proprietary processing technique produces extremely low resistance values
  • All welded construction
  • Solid metal manganese-copper alloy or nickel-chrome alloy resistive element with low TCR (< 20ppm/°C)
  • Molded enclosure allows for easy PCB Connection
  • Very low inductance (< 5nH)
  • Low thermal EMF (as low as < 1μV/°C)


  • Automotive: battery management of gas/diesel, hybrid, and all-electric systems
  • Industrial: battery management of forklift, utility trucks, and other heavy industrial applications