Through Hole – AHB Series


Aluminium Housed Resistors - High Power Wirewound Type

The AHB Series Aluminum Housed Resistors have crust surface with good performance in heat radiation, suitable for cooling plate installation, can be used in the atrocious environment. High insulating capacity, encapsulation by non-flame inorganic material, good performance in vibration.


  • High power rating : 75W-500W
  • Wirewound resistors, high power, aluminum housed, heatsink type
  • Resistance range : 0.1Ω-51KΩ
  • Tolerance : ±1%, ±2%, ±5%, ±10%
  • TCR : ±25, ±50, ±100ppm/°C
  • Heatsink mounted
  • Reduced size
  • Corrision-resistant aluminum case for severe environments
  • Excellent surge performance
  • Fully lead-free compliance with no RoHS exemptions (7C-1)