Through Hole – FAE Series


Fusible & Anti-Explosion Type

FAE series is wirewound resistor capable of acting both as a regular resistor, and as a fuse when an abnormal current is received. There will be no flames, no explosion, no sound and no arc happened when fusing. FAE series offers space saving and a cost advantage, and is specifically designed to meet customer’s requirements.


  • Wirewound resistors, fusible & safty, anti-explosion
  • Power rating : 1/2W-3W
  • Resistance range : 3.3Ω-100RΩ
  • Tolerance : ±1%, ±5%
  • TCR : ±300ppm/°C
  • UL1412 qualified
  • Fusing time <60S for 25 times rated power
  • Fusible function
  • Safety, anti-explosion
  • Excellent surge performance customized surge requirement
  • Flameproof silicone-coated
  • Fully lead-free compliance with no RoHS exemptions(7C-1)