Through Hole – PNP Series


High Power Type - Ultra Miniature StyleThe resistor element is a resistive wire which is wound in a single layer on a ceramic rod, with tinned connecting wires of electrolytic copper welded to the end-caps. The ends of the resistive wire are connected to the caps by welding. The resistors are coated with layers of green color flame-proof lacquer. High power in small packages.


  • High reliability, high power and ultra-miniature
  • Flameproof silicone coated
  • Excellent surge performance
  • Fully lead-free compliance with no RoHS exemptions (7C-1)
  • Resistance range : 47mΩ-17KΩ
  • Tolerance : ±1%, ±5%
  • TCR : ±100, ±300ppm/°C