Total Quality and Partnering Programs

In 1989, to move order accuracy and timeliness to substantially higher levels TTI adopted the W. Edwards Deming doctrine of statistical process control and implemented the Total Quality Process. Taking on this challenge marked the single most significant change in the 40-year old company's culture, as concerted efforts accelerated warehouse and sales accuracy to 99.6 percent. All areas of the company are continually challenged to push the results toward the 100 percent goal.

In addition to systems improvements, TTI's culture- that includes empowerment of employees, extensive training, varied job tasks and frequent team meetings- has helped make the TTI Total Quality Process successful. With customer demand for excellence now standard- requiring the right product in the right quantity, delivered exactly on time- TTI stands as a quality/performance leader. TTI quality levels have enabled the company to develop sophisticated partnering programs to improve inventory procurement and inventory management efficiencies with customers and manufacturers alike, dramatically lowering the customer's total acquisition costs. Programs from auto replenishment to TTI's Advanced Inventory Management are customised to accommodate unique customer requirements and operational needs to lower total cost of ownership through supply chain management efficiencies.

ISO Registration

TTI has been certified to several Quality Management Standards:

Registration to these standards assures customers consistent procedures and quality levels throughout the TTI organisation.

Value Added Services

Value Added Services (VAS) is an integral part of our overall business strategy. From technical and applications advice to customised services, TTI adds value throughout the supply chain.

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Supply Chain Management

At TTI we have always believed that distribution's essential service is to make as much inventory available to our customers as possible.

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Web Services

TTI offers an extensive array of Web Services, all of which are designed to be customer friendly and business savvy.

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