TTI's proprietary logistics program is at the heart of our world class AIRS inventory management & reservation system.


The system is designed to facilitate the management of thousands of low value inventory items, whilst eliminating non-value added transactions, improving data processing accuracy, increasing product availability & flexibility. The result is a reduction in the total cost of acquisition.

Our Supply Chain Management Programs are easily customised to meet your company’s needs. The requirements to engage the AIRS program are minimal and are available to most companies. The first requirement is the generation of time phased forecast demand, which typically is an output from any Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) program. The second requirement is to send the information through EDI or simply as an attached flat file. The minimal amount of information needed on the demand file is your Part Number, Quantity and the Date Required. With this information TTI can perform all reservation requirements needed to effectively manage inventory and to provide assurance of supply.

Your forecasted demand will be held as a customer specific inventory reservation & allows for a greatly reduced firm order window. Whether you decide to embed your firm order or to have your demand released automatically, the AIRS program will effectively manage components that make up the largest number of parts & transactions on your AVL and will improve your overall cost of acquisition.

For more information, or to discuss your requirements with one of our Supply Chain Program Managers please contact your local TTI Office

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