Value Added Services (VAS) is an integral part of our overall business strategy. From technical and applications advice to customised services, TTI adds value throughout the supply chain. We reduce costs for the customer by working in a way that best fits their own business processes.

Value Added Services - Connector Assembly

We are a specialist distributor that provides you with supply chain solutions: from the start of your design to prototyping up to serial production.

TTI Europe’s connector assembly line is QPL approved and all of our lines are officially authorised by our suppliers. With the capacity of building more than one million different variants of connectors and an outstanding stock level of components, we can ensure short lead times with a 48-hour turnaround without any MOQ, ship to your forecast requirements or simply hold buffer/safety stock to meet your procurement needs.

A large part of our assembly focus is on the MIL-DTL-38999 Series I & III, HE308, VG96912, VG95234, SJT Circular Connectors and the rectangular EN4165 Series.

In addition, we also assemble the MIL-DTL-26482, VG95328, 97 Series for industrial and harsh environments and have a sub-assembly of MIL-DIL-24308 + EN2997.

We are ISO 9001-2008, as well as EN9100 certified to ensure the highest level of quality and service.

To support your requirements, we offer:

• Olive drab cadmium, electroless nickel and black zinc nickel plating

• Signal (solder & crimp), power, coaxial and PCB (including stand-off) contacts

• Adapters and boots

• Backshells and accessories

• Cable management components

Other services include:

• Wire and cable re-spooling to customised length

• Heat-shrink tubing cutting to customised length

• Tape and reeling

• Barcode labeling

• Customised kitting

• Documentation and traceability

• ESD packaging, international shipping and documentation

• Military inspection standards

• Mil-Spec certifications

Value Added Services - Cutting, Kitting, Pin Header Cutting


Cable, Wire and Tubing – “A cut above the rest”. TTI offers cutting services for heat shrink tubing, wire and cable, all of which can be tailored to your specific requirements.
These cost-effective solution save you:

• Time
• Storage
• Excess inventory
• Total cost of ownership


TTI offers customer-specific and cost-optimizing kitting options on-site to help you reduce:

• Time taken in processing parts
• Downtime for assembly line due to parts availability
• Excess inventory

Pin Header Cutting

TTI offers you services to modify Pin- and Breakaway-Headers exactly for your application’s requirements.

This includes cutting of pin headers to custom pin counts and removal of individual pins based on your design requirements.

Supply Chain Management

At TTI we have always believed that distribution's essential service is to make as much inventory available to our customers as possible.

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Web Services

TTI offers an extensive array of Web Services, all of which are designed to be customer friendly and business savvy.

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